To 18-year-old Abby Robertson, music is life. As a singer,
songwriter, musician and composer she is a true storyteller whose
mission has a penetrating depth that impassions the hearers to
aspire and dream and reach  for the life  and potential that God
has for them.
Whimsical, charming and soulful. Abby’s original lyrics are
derived from her life experiences and passion to see lives
transformed. Abby has a particular heart for Christian music and
aspires to be a voice of goodness for her generation. Abby’s
music is both a reminder and an encouragement that life, no matter
how difficult, always gives us a reason to smile – we just may
have to look for it.

Abby’s no stranger to the stage and she’s not afraid of large
crowds. She has charmed the patrons of The Listening Room in
Nashville with several originals. She has given wings to crowd
favorite songs at the Sonrise Music Festival and Life Light Music
Festival along with International Festivals. She has opened for a
who’s who of CCM, country and other genres of music.
When Abby’s not singing or performing, you might
just catch her longboarding close to her Virginia Beach
home, on the boardwalk, or catching waves on her surfboard.
Abby is encouraged by the love and support from her parents, Clay and Andrea Robertson, and her brother Blake Robertson.
“I couldn’t do what I do without them. They make the journey memorable and worth the challenges and triumphs,” Abby says. “They are a part of the story I tell in my music.”